A safe and compact design for helmets in tactical operations with a viewing angle of 113°.

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Cámara TAGED H1

Tactical Ops Helmet Camera, protected against drops, rain, and dust

Titan H1 is protected against everything the user is exposed to, ensuring technological functionalities such as streaming video, audio, and GPS location in real time, local video recording on the camera and photo capture, and battery exchange.

  • Icono de ubicación en GPS

    Real-time video streaming, audio, and GPS

  • Icono de casco táctico

    Attachment to carry in tactical helmet

  • Icono de pantalla, dispositivo

    Integrated screen to check device status

Casco de agente del ESMAD con cámara TAGED H1

Real-time video streaming, audio, and GPS


Photo shooting

Pantalla táctil

Watching and playing videos from mobile devices


Local video recording


Instant sending of S.O.S alert to the management software

A prueba de agua

Developed for demanding fieldwork


Fixation and portability

Portable for attachment to the helmet

Video streaming

3G / 4G through SIMCARD to Management Software / Transmission through WIFI to Mobile App and Management Software.

Video resolution

Local video recording configurable to: 1920x1080p; 1280x720p Real-time video streaming configurable to: 1280x720p.

Video compression format

H.265/ H.264

File downloading security

The camera will only allow files to be downloaded at the docking stations and with the indicated extractor software module.

File storage

32Gb with the possibility of expansion up to 128Gb


Data GPS coordinates latitude and longitude (in sync with video and photos) - User ID - Device No. - Date and Time.


V4.0 or Higher


802.11. b/g/n 2.4G

IP degree of protection

IP 66

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