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Agente de la polícia nacional de Colombia


8 years of development and stabilization of the Digital Evidence Management software by National Police quadrants and endorsed by Telematics.

With all the modules, reports, and organizational structure that comply with the operation of the National surveillance model.

Agente de tránsito de Colombia


Specialized in the needs of security agencies, judicial entities, and territorial entities to monitor their fleet.

Use cases

  • Recognition of vehicle plates with real-time alert
  • Consultation of the History of a vehicle during a certain period of time
  • Integration with other digital evidence capture systems such as Drones, cameras, etc.
Soldado mujer del ejército nacional de Colombia


Implementation of information and communication technologies for the staff of officers of the National Army.

Development of a new technological solution for management and control within the institution of the National Police, with support in the development and structuring of the project from DISEC.

Hombre, Bomberos, Colombia


Execution of certification projects in international standards NENA 911 for the National Police in the main cities of the country: Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali.

Exclusive representatives of NENA 911 (Association of security and emergency numbers - 911) for certification and standardization in emergency care processes, throughout the Colombian territory since 2019, with expansion to different Latin American countries.

Mujer, Empresas logísticas, Colombia

Logistics companies

Development, marketing, and transportation of different models of body cameras and Dock station.


  • Higher level of performance
  • Training to professionalize the staff of emergency care centers.
  • Expansion of companies specializing in public order and security for citizens, thanks to technologies designed and developed to be easy and simple to use.
Agente de Seguridad privada, Colombia

Private security

Support with Body Cameras - Bodycam for activation and management in real-time of video for the use of a firearm or TASER electroshock weapon.

Use cases

  • Location on the map
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Information of the most recent known position
  • Transmission of video, audio, and GPS location in real-time
Hombre, servicios de ingeniería, Colombia

Engineering services

Integration of software with different administrative systems of the Police, such as SECAD, and SIVICC, among others.

Use cases

  • Data generation and analysis
  • Recording, model management, firmware, among others
  • Advanced encryption with high data security AES-256
Hombre, empresas mineras, Colombia


We impact the new technologies required by the Mining Industry.


  • Standardization of processes
  • Planning and modeling for higher quality
  • Operation of integrated processes (interoperability)
Hombre, Operación aeroportuaria, Colombia

Airport logistics operation

4,000 operational body cameras nationwide for the airport logistics operation companies.

Use cases

  • Immediate search for evidence by different criteria
  • Instant sending of S.O.S alert to monitoring software
  • Transmission of video, audio, and GPS location in real-time
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