EMS- Evidence Management System

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It is a robust digital evidence capture and management system designed and developed to be easy and simple to use.

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Software de gestión de evidencia digital de TIPI

Digital evidence monitoring and management software

The TIPI digital evidence capture and management software is the result of several years of experience in the field, hand in hand with specialist officials in matters of public order and citizen security.

  • Búsqueda inmediata de evidencia

    Immediate search for evidence by different criteria

  • certificado digital de integridad de la evidencia

    Evidence integrity certificate download

  • Icono analítica

    Data generation and analytics

Software de gestión de evidencia digital de TIPI
Icono Carpeta de Videos

The administration of the videos is automatic, avoiding the manipulation of the files by the user

Icono código custom

The solution architecture is adaptable according to the needs or specifications of the client

Icono Software adaptable

The software can be adapted to meet all functional and operational needs of users

Icono Almacenamiento en la nube

Adaptable evidence storage in the cloud or on physical drives

Icono de etiqueta, etiquetado de evidencia

Labeling and classification of evidence, digital evidence can now be associated with the different procedures

Icono de almacenamiento

Storage optimization thanks to evidence permanence times according to the type of procedure

Icono Software adaptable

Software customization according to the organization chart and operation of each client

Icono de clasificación lógica

Management and logical separation of videos of continuous recording and manual recording by procedure

Icono conexión dispositivos

Integration with other evidence-capture devices and other management platforms

Icono analítica

Reports and statistical data on the operation of the solution: audit of files, use of devices, procedures carried out, etc


Bodycam SOS alert management and attention

Icono de ubicación, estado de los dispositivos

Visualization of video, audio, location, and status of devices in real time

Composed of three large modules

Módulo Extractor mockup

Extraction Software

It is responsible for quickly and safely extracting the evidence contained in the body cameras after confirming and authorizing access to the user who wishes to view the evidence.

Once the body camera is connected to the docking station, the software allows various functions to be carried out simultaneously, such as: downloading, viewing, and labeling of all the files contained in the internal memory of the device.

Plataforma Web mockup

Web Platform

It is the module where all the evidence from body cameras is centralized and managed. Its web architecture allows access to the system from any computer with network access where the platform is deployed.

From this module, you can obtain statistical information and reports of all the activities carried out in the system and functions associated with the chain of custody verification.

Módulo Streaming mockup

Streaming Platform

It is responsible for managing, viewing, and reproducing all requests in real time for the video, audio, and GPS coordinates from the cameras operating in the field through the 3G/4G mobile network.

Said module is a web environment developed to be easy to use and programmable to alternate the visualization of the cameras automatically according to the needs of its users.