Digital transformation


With TIPI we facilitate mobility, improve social services by being sustainable and give citizens a voice through Smart Cities.

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A smart city is one that, by collecting and analyzing data delivered by different technologies, provides traditional services and solves urban issues.

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Key Benefits

  • Effectiveness in making decisions based on data

  • Greater commitment of citizens to their urban planning

  • Creation of safe communities

  • Improves the environment and public spaces

  • Improvement of transport with increased road safety

  • Easy identification of needs and optimal support responses


Data Management in Cities

It allows to control traffic, monitor parking, provide police assistance or any emergency agency more quickly and control incident attention.

Icono Software, Atención, Despacho CAD

CAD Service and Dispatch Software

Reception, attention, and management of incidents or emergencies.

Icono Análisis, correlación, datos y modelos predictivos

Analysis, data realization, and predictive models

Software, application, and development for data management that allows predictive analysis and helps decision making.

Icono Consultoría Modelos de Seguridad y Bigdata

Consulting in Security Models and Bigdata

Development of models that allow improving security situations through the integration of technologies and different data sources.

Icono Diseño, Implementación y Operación de Centros de Monitoreo

Design, Implementation, and Operation of Monitoring Centers

Centers for monitoring and data management with the highest standards for critical missions.


Security and Sustainability

We store the data in the cloud or servers and generate reports that allow us to deliver early warnings, make decisions and improve response times to citizens.

TIPI, as a provider of subsystems mainly framed in security, allows the integration of these, becoming a data channel for any incident management and emergency response platform.

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TIPI technological solutions

We develop modern technologies that improve the security of companies and public organizations, let's work together to build a safer and more efficient world.

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