NENA 911

Research, design, and implementation of standards

What is NENA 911? It is an Association that arises in the United States of America, in order to professionalize emergency care services.

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Specialized Consulting in NENA 911

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Information gathering, in which the following aspects are evaluated: Fundamentals of operation, human resources, civil infrastructure, technological infrastructure, substantive function, event pipeline, and operational organization.

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It directs the organization's efforts to comply with quality standards, generates evidence of compliance with standards, and internal audits to evaluate areas of opportunity or prepare the center for the certification audit.


Derived from the results of the diagnosis, the training courses that are necessary to professionalize the personnel of the emergency care centers will be determined.

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Verification of compliance with the standards developed in the consulting stage, carried out by the assigned staff of the National Emergency Number 9-1-1.

Benefits of NENA 911 Certification


Standardize care, office or coordination processes.


Unify the service, regardless of the work shift.


Improve response times in emergency care.


Minimize errors.


Avoid confrontations between agencies, as responsibilities are clearly defined.


Protocols that help define what we have to do every day, as usual.

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Success Achieved

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Management and Control

Development of a new technological solution for management and control within the institution of the National Police, with support in the development and structuring of the project from DISEC.

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Participation in international public bidding processes through integrators and strategic allies.

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Certification and standardization in emergency care processes, throughout the Colombian territory since 2019, with expansion to the different Latin American countries.

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