Real-time vehicle monitoring

AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location

Specialized in the needs of security agencies, judicial entities, and territorial entities to monitor their car fleet.

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AVL- A technological platform (web and app*) that allows monitoring of the devices installed in a group of vehicles, as well as the management of users, groups, reports, and indicators.

Screenshot de condiciones de software AVLScreenshot de gestión de perfil del software AVLScreenshot de alertas del software AVL
Screenshot de condiciones de software AVL

Special Vehicle Conditions

  • Stopped Time: Parking Lights

  • Ignition: On/Off

  • Group/dependency to which they belong

  • Geographical area

  • Vehicle Condition: Operational/Non-Operating

Screenshot de gestión de perfil del software AVL

Fleet Management

Vehicle and Device Log

Administration of the automotive part:

  • Brand

  • Model

  • Associated device and others.

  • Group to which it belongs

  • Condition of the vehicle

Screenshot de alertas del software AVL

Alerts and Alarms

According to unwanted events that require intervention

  • Speeding

  • Departures from an assigned jurisdiction

  • Stopped vehicles

  • Vehicles moving without authorization

AVL for security agencies

AVL, carro con escolta, organismos de seguridad

AVL for emergency vehicles

AVL, Localización de vehículos de emergencias, ambulancia

Minute of Service

Missions by vehicles and groups to which they belong

  • When: Determines the time periods that missions are active

  • Where: Create geofences: polygons on a map according to jurisdictions to monitor

  • Who: Assign vehicles to said missions

  • What: Assign vehicles to missions based on geofences created

Tablet con imagen de minuta del servicio del software AVL
Celular con imagen del cerco zona de software AVL

Real Time Monitoring

  • Information of the most recent known position

  • Icono de ubicación en GPS

    Location on the map

Historical Consultation

Visualization historical events and routes of:

  • Vehicles for a certain period of time

  • Groups of vehicles in a certain area and time


Follow-up of indicators according to defined variables

  • Condition of vehicles

  • Speeding

  • Vehicle


AVL System Installation

It is required to install an AVL device in each vehicle to be monitored, it is a procedure that does not affect the vehicle and can take around 2 hours.

AVL software stores information in the cloud on exclusive and secure servers; no purchase of servers or installation of programs is necessary.

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Available for IOS and Android devices

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